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We have extensive know-how in the development of biosimilars thanks to the strategic alliance between one of the leading groups in the European pharmaceutical sector, Reig Jofre, and biotechnology company LeanBio.

Biosimilars, drugs equivalent to a biological reference product that offer benefits for National Health Systems and for patients, are derived from biotechnological and genetic engineering processes. For this reason, we have a laboratory equipped with the most advanced technology and a team of experts with previous experience in this field.

Biosimilars must be rigorously designed to match their physico-chemical structure and their efficacy with the reference product. It is necessary to do an exercise of comparability with the innovative product at all levels of development, including physicochemical attributes, biological activity, preclinical and clinical phases. In order to carry out this complex development, sophisticated processes of obtaining the product, purification and formulation are required, which we can offer through the expertise acquired over the years and by having state-of-the-art infrastructure.