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The Innovadores supplement of the newspaper La Razón has done a feature on Syna Therapeutics, explaining that the company is developing two biosimilar drugs for haemostasis and immuno-oncology.

Going from research to industrialisation and marketing with biosimilars was complicated in Spain before Syna was created in early 2018. The company is a joint venture of Reig Jofre and Leanbio, which bring their expertise to the table to address the whole value chain and bring these drugs to patients.

Developing top-quality biosimilars and innovative molecules is a growing line of business in the pharmaceutical market to treat serious diseases. “Biosimilar drugs can cut healthcare costs by up to 35% and, therefore, help make national healthcare systems more sustainable and efficient,” notes Syna CEO Andreu Soldevila.

In order to tackle the clinical phases of these new therapies, Syna is looking for a new partner to bring in €6 million in capital.

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